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Only a few days are left for the Tripura Assembly Elections 2023. No one wants to leave any stone unturned for the voting to be held on 16th February. This is a battle of prestige, especially for the BJP. In 2018, the BJP demolished the 25-year-old ‘Red Fort’ of the CPM. This was the first time that BJP could form the government here. BJP’s full emphasis is on repeating the power here. Today PM Narendra Modi is going to hold two mega rallies in Tripura. Amit Shah has returned after holding two rallies and a road show. The reasons for BJP’s preparations are many. The CPM and the Congress party, known enemies for one to five decades, are together this time. So Tipra Motha can also give tension to BJP in tribal areas. The BJP may have good penetration in the urban areas of Tripura, but it is not enough to get power.

Tripura will go to polls for the upcoming assembly elections on February 16. BJP is making full efforts to repeat the power in this northeastern state. In the last election, out of 60, BJP had won 43 seats in the alliance. This was the first time in 2018 that the BJP formed the government in Tripura. Congress may not have been able to win even a single seat in the 2018 elections, but the role of Congress in the politics of the state has been very important. In the assembly elections held since 1967, sometimes the CPM and sometimes the Congress have been forming the government. This time Congress and CPM, known enemies of five decades, have entered into an alliance to defeat BJP in the elections.

What else is the tension for BJP
For the BJP, the alliance between the Left and the Congress is not the only cause of concern. Rather, Tripura Motha’s rebellious attitude and demands may also spell trouble. Tipra Motha has been raising the demand for a separate state of Greater Tipperaland for a long time. Which has never been accepted by any government. This time BJP has also refused to accept this demand. In a message to Tipra Motha, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma, on behalf of the BJP, had said that we are ready to contest the elections in alliance with him if he sidesteps his demand.

The BJP knows that even though it has a foothold in the urban areas, Tipra Motha is dominant in the tribal areas. At the same time, CPM and Congress can give competition to BJP in rural areas.

PM Modi’s mega show
To challenge the opposition parties on behalf of the BJP, PM Modi is going to hold two mega rallies after reaching Tripura today. Two rallies of PM Modi are proposed in Ambassa and Gomti in Dhalai district. Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah had also done two rallies and a road show.


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