Car Warning Lights: Do not ignore the warning lights of the car dashboard, know here what each mark means

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When there is a disease in our body, we get fever, or else our body sends us warning signals. A similar system has been fitted in our car as well. From the car engine to the battery, every trouble signal is present in the form of warning lights on the dashboard of our car. Many designs are made on the dashboard of your car and when there is trouble, these warning lights blink or start burning continuously in orange color. The modern dashboard has been joined by a large array of controls such as the fuel gauge, climate control system, entertainment system and more.

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A dashboard also houses various warning lights, which convey different meanings to the driver and help him to take appropriate action in case of distress. Let us discuss the purposes of various dashboard warning lights and the measures that need to be taken care of:

brake warning – A red color light burns inside a circle which appears when there is some problem with the brakes of the vehicle. Since brakes are one of the most important parts of the car, it is advised to get them checked immediately. Explain that this light starts appearing even when the level of low brake fluid is low. If so, get the brake fluid filled as soon as possible.

Engine/ECU Alert- This could just indicate a bad electric sensor, but it could also indicate a potentially more significant mechanical problem. If you keep driving the car even when this light is on, it can prove to be very harmful for your car.

car warning lights

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car warning lights

battery charge – This light will come on when you start your car, but will turn off again after 1-2 seconds. If this light continues to appear, it means that there is a problem with your car’s electrical system.

tire pressure – Your tire pressure monitor light will, as the name suggests, warn you of low to normal tire pressure. Please tell that this often indicates a puncture. If you see these lights while driving, pull over as soon as is safe to do so and check your tires.

Coolant – Without coolant, your car’s engine will get dangerously hot. This light usually warns you that the engine may be overheating. Be aware that this could also indicate a coolant leak in the system. Along with this, it can also indicate a bigger problem such as a failed head gasket. If you see this light, then park your car there and call a mechanic. This will not cause major problems in your car and you will also be safe.

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