After Atiq ahmed death his lawyer vijay mishra demanded extortion from the shopkeeper uttar pradesh prayagraj

Atiq Ahmed, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh- India TV Hindi

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Mafia Ateeq Ahmed

Prayagraj: After the murder of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, his henchmen and accomplices want to maintain the fear of the mafia. His accomplices are still threatening the local people and shopkeepers. People are making threat calls for extortion. In one such case, the Prayagraj police has registered an FIR against Atiq’s lawyer Vijay Mishra. Police has registered an FIR at Atarsuiya police station in Prayagraj.

Advocate Vijay Mishra had sought extortion of three crore rupees

It is being told that in the name of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, advocate Vijay Mishra had demanded extortion of three crore rupees and in this case the police have registered a case. According to the information, an extortion of three crore rupees was sought from plywood businessman Mohammad Saeed in the name of Atiq Ahmed. He was also threatened with death for not paying extortion money. Please inform that Vijay Mishra is the lawyer of the family of Mafia Atiq Ahmed.

Case registered against Vijay Mishra under sections 386, 504 and 507 of IPC

After the matter came to light, the police registered a case against advocate Vijay Mishra under sections 386, 504 and 507 of the IPC. It is being told that on April 20, while threatening businessman Mohammad Saeed over the phone, Vijay Mishra demanded extortion of Rs 3 crore. It is alleged that advocate Vijay Mishra had borrowed goods worth about 1.25 lakh from Saeed’s shop on January 5 this year. After this he also returned some money in installments. After which, on April 17, when the businessman asked for the outstanding money, Vijay Mishra threatened him by abusing him.

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