Not getting better returns even after investing Avoid these mistakes. Even after investing money, are not able to get better return on investment? Tie the knot, these things will earn a lot

If you are not getting better returns even after investing, then avoid these mistakes - India TV Paisa
Photo: File If you are not getting better returns even after investment, then avoid these mistakes

There are many investment instruments available in the market today. People invest in different instruments as per their convenience. The only desire of people behind investment is to get profit. But it has been seen many times that people invest but they do not get the expected return of investment. Sometimes investors also go into losses. You can also get better returns by investing in one place. You should start planning for investment from the beginning of the new financial year. With this, you can avoid repeating old mistakes at the time of investment. If you are also going to invest, then ignore these mistakes.

1. Don’t ignore profits

Investing is largely based on psychology. That’s why we should keep checking our investment portfolio at some time gap. We all make some mistakes which are usually made by new investors. We are telling you about those mistakes. Hope you will avoid repeating these mistakes in the new financial year. Such as timing the market, stopping the investment and restarting the investment. These are some of the mistakes that can harm the portfolio.

2. Pay attention to tax while investing

While investing as an investor, one should always check the tax liability on the profit earned from the investment. Otherwise the investment will be of no use. Because all the income coming in has to go to tax. Always choose the option with the least tax liability.

3. Is the return going in tax somewhere?

It is necessary to assess it after getting the return after investment. Many times people lose it in the form of tax when they get returns from investment. While investing in the new financial year, it is also important to keep in mind tax savings. Check the Interest Income and Maturity Amount carefully.

4. It is necessary to fill the liquidity gap

It is important to take care of liquidity while building a portfolio. If there is a shortage of liquidity, it must be filled. Directors should take special care of returns and safety in the new financial year. It is important to withdraw money from the portfolio when needed.

5. Avoid taking excessive risk in the new financial year

It is important to avoid risk while investing in the new financial year. Take only as much risk as you can. The mandates of mutual funds keep changing. Changes are also seen in the National Pension Scheme (NPS) according to time. In addition to liquidity in debt funds, it is important to track credit profile disturbances

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