It Was Different Kind Of Temperament On Set, Says Veteran Actor Govind Namdev

New Delhi: Having been a part of many highly acclaimed films in his illustrious career, veteran actor Govind Namdev has won the audience’s hearts with his powerful and memorable performances in ‘Wanted’, ‘OMG – Oh My God!’, ‘Bandit Queen’, ‘Prem Granth’, ‘Sarfarosh’, ‘Viraasat’, ‘Kachche Dhage’, ‘Satya’ among many others. 

Now will be seen playing a villainous character in the film Aazam, starring alongside Jimmy Shergill, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta and Raza Murad which is set to release on 26th May in theatres.

Govind Namdev shared, “Aazam is basically a story of one night in Mumbai where a series of events shake up the entire underworld, political system and the police force. Also, every person associated with this world knows that it’s at the risk of their life but still they work in this industry for greed, fame and compulsion. People gang up here and fight for power to rule a particular area. So the story underlines these points. Secondly, every person who gets into this world wants to be in the topmost position to be safe and powerful. The rat race of becoming the new Don and ruling the city is the backdrop of this film..”

Talking about his role he says, “The one who is currently ruling is about to die soon, hence the need for a new successor has created a stir in the underworld. I’m also one of the syndicates who runs his business in this world and wants to make his son the next don. In order to make him the next ruler, my character plots a plan to kill the competitors/rivals. But unfortunately, the murder plan gets leaked and the person gets to know about this plan so he kills my son in the film. And from here starts the race of rivalry and power. Then, what my character goes through after knowing his son got killed is something you need to watch out for.”

Sharing about what prompted him to take up the story he says, “It attracted me because it’s one of the central characters whose presence changes the course of the story and has many layers to it. The character has vivid emotional range to perform which intrigued me.”

Describing his working experience he tells, “It’s was such a fabulous experience working it them. It was a different kind of temperament on set which helped me to bring out my best on the table. They are very focused on their character and dialogues. There was so much to improvise because they are so professional and open to creativity. Even director and my colleagues liked my performance in the film and praised me.”


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