Priyank Kharge warns RSS. Priyank Kharge gave a warning to RSS, also gave a big statement on Hijab ban

Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge - India TV Hindi

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Karnataka minister Priyank Kharge

The Congress party has made its stand clear as soon as it formed the government in Karnataka. In Karnataka, Congress is no longer in the mood to be soft on organizations like Bajrang Dal and RSS. Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge in a special conversation with India TV said that if RSS does anything unconstitutional then we will take strict action against it, no one is above the law.

“If RSS does anything unconstitutional…”

The Congress, which had talked about banning the Hindu organization Bajrang Dal during the elections in Karnataka, now after coming to the government, has clearly said that if RSS does anything unconstitutional, we will take strict action against it. No one is above the law. Kharge said that anything unconstitutional will not be accepted whether it is me or anyone else. Meanwhile, when Kharge was asked about the cabinet expansion in the state, he said that the discussion on cabinet expansion would start soon.

Big statement on hijab ban
During a special conversation with India TV, Karnataka Minister and Congress President’s son Priyank Kharge has also spoken on the issue of hijab ban. Kharge said that any decision of the previous government which was not in the interest of the people of Karnataka would be reviewed and rejected. Not only this, Priyank said that the BJP has lost the connection between its tongue and mind. He doesn’t think before speaking. They think they can get away with it. This is not going to happen in Karnataka now.

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