Russia is going to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus! signed agreement- Russia going to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus! signed agreement

Russia is going to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus!  Agreement signed - India TV Hindi

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Russia is going to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus! signed agreement

Russia-Belarus nuclear missiles: America and NATO countries are also active in the war between Russia and Ukraine. They are providing military assistance to Ukraine indiscriminately. Because of this, Russian missiles and dangerous drones are also not able to bend Ukraine. Russia, which has already threatened nuclear attack, now wants to teach a lesson to ‘NATO’ by deploying nuclear weapons in its friendly country Belarus. An agreement has also been signed regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on Thursday formalizing the process of deploying Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. The control of these nuclear weapons will remain with Russia. The move formalized an agreement reached earlier by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Putin had announced the deployment of nuclear weapons in March

Putin previously announced in March that his country planned to deploy tactical, relatively short-range and low-impact nuclear weapons in Belarus. The deal was signed as Russia prepared for Ukraine’s much-anticipated retaliatory strike.

Russia took this step amid enmity with western countries

Both the Russian and Belarusian authorities have taken this step amid hostility from Western countries. Defense Minister of Belarus Viktor Khrinin held a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu. During this, he said in Minsk, ‘The deployment of non-strategic nuclear weapons is an effective response to the aggressive policy of countries unfriendly to us.’

Ukraine destroys attack on Kiev in Russia

In fact, in recent times, Russia has carried out rapid missile attacks on Ukraine. For the occupation of the capital Kiev, even drones and Kinjal missiles have been used. But with the help of the Patriot anti-missile defense system given to Ukraine by America, Ukraine shot down Russian missiles.

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