Know the truth about hair fall prevention shampoo from Jawed Habib. Is anti hairfall shampoo good for hair

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Anti hair fall shampoo

Anti hair fall shampoo: When our hair falls rapidly, we do anything to control it. In such a situation, first of all we take some expensive hair products, in which shampoo is definitely included. But, do these shampoos really work and stop hair fall? Well-known hair styler Jawed Habib knows.

Can any shampoo stop hair fall-Does anti hairfall shampoo really works?

Shampoo can stop hair fall, this is your misconception. According to hairstylist Jawed Habib, no shampoo can stop hair fall. Jawed Habib says that shampoo only cleans your hair and it does not stop hair fall. It cleans the dirt accumulated in your pores, improves blood circulation and provides nutrition.

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What to do to stop hair fall – How to stop hairfall

You can apply onion juice to prevent hair fall. This juice increases blood circulation by reaching the roots of your hair. Also, it opens your hair follicles and nourishes them. Due to this, the growth of hair increases rapidly.


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Clean your scalp with lemon – lemon for scalp cleaning

You can clean your scalp thoroughly with lemon. Also it is antidandruff and antifungal which cleans your hair pores and helps in keeping hair healthy. In this way, it can help in cleaning your hair in a natural way. So, spend your money on anti hairfall shampoos wisely rather than blindly applying shampoos.

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