Rajat Sharma’s Blog: Boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament House is pointless. BOYCOTT OF NEW PARLIAMENT BUILDING INAUGURATION IS FUTILE

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India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

Opposition parties are going to use the occasion of the inauguration of the new parliament building to show mutual unity. 19 parties, including the Congress, have announced that they will boycott the ceremony to be held on Sunday. A joint statement said that since the President is the constitutional head of the country, Parliament is an integral part, therefore the new building of the Parliament should be inaugurated by the President. These parties said, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate, it is an insult to the President, so no leader of 19 opposition parties will attend the program, the BJP-led NDA issued a joint statement saying that these This decision of the parties is humiliating. This is an insult to the constitutional values ​​and democratic practices of our great nation. BJP said, Congress leaders first laid the foundation stone of Parliament Annexe and Library, then did not invite the President. Inaugurated many assembly buildings, then the Governor was not called, so the President is an excuse, Modi is the target. Congress and other opposition parties mainly have two arguments behind their protest, firstly, not inviting the President for the inauguration of the new Parliament House is an insult to the office of the President, secondly, not inviting the President to the inauguration ceremony is an insult to the tribals. The answer to these two questions is that when the President was not invited in such programs in the Congress governments, was it not an insult to the presidency? When the Chief Minister inaugurated the assembly building in the states, was it not an insult to the Governor? The new building of the Bihar Legislative Assembly was inaugurated by Nitish Kumar himself, in Assam by Tarun Gogoi, in Jharkhand by Hemant Soren, in Telangana by K. Chandrasekhar Rao did it, Jagan Mohan Reddy did it in Andhra Pradesh, the governor was not called anywhere, so was it an insult to the constitutional post? I feel that the Chief Ministers did not do any wrong thing by inaugurating the Vidhansabha, did not insult anyone. SP leader Ram Gopal Yadav had said absolutely right thing two days ago – In a democracy, the head of the legislature is the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, so this controversy on this issue is futile. As far as insulting the tribals by not inviting President Draupadi Murmu is concerned, the Congress and other opposition parties will also be asked that when Yashwant Sinha was fielded against Draupadi Murmu in the presidential election, was it respect for the tribals ? Was the Congress against the tribals at that time? I think that when the opportunity is big, it is about the country, then one should think above small political interests. I think there are two main reasons why the Parliament has made the inauguration of the new building an issue. First, Modi protest. The parties which are troubled by Modi, till 2024, on every small and big issue, in the name of opposing Modi, we will continue to announce that we are together. Secondly, these parties have no love for the President, they also know that the inauguration of a building is not a question of the constitution, they also know that Narendra Modi has made a tribal woman the President, the opposition party is against the President. The names are being taken so that the sentiments of the tribal society can be instigated a little. If we listen carefully to the statements of the leaders of the opposition, then it will be known that they are saying that Modi made a tribal President for votes, and now we are calling the inauguration of the Parliament for votes as an insult to the tribal woman President. Overall, this is a fight of politics. Before the 2024 elections, it is part of an attempt to surround Modi in various ways. There is still a whole year left. Such voices will be heard many times, but I think it is not good for democracy to boycott the inauguration of the new building of Parliament just for the sake of opposing Modi, just for tribal votes. This is a historic occasion for the country. It would have been better if all the political parties take a pledge on this day that new traditions will be established in the new parliament. There will be only work here. Time will be put to good use, and now public money will not be wasted. Perhaps, it would have been possible if the elections had not been held after a year. Now there is little hope of such a resolution.

Demand to remove ban on Hijab in Karnataka

As soon as the Congress government is formed in Karnataka, pressure has started to withdraw the Hijab ban in schools and colleges, the cow slaughter ban law and the conversion ban bill. Human rights organization Amnesty India has appealed to the Karnataka government. Amnesty India has said that minorities are being discriminated against through this law and bill, they are being used as a weapon against minorities, the Karnataka government should protect their rights by removing them. There has been a long controversy in Karnataka regarding the Hijab ban, cow slaughter law and conversion ban law. There has also been a lot of politics regarding this. Hearing of the matter of ban on Hijab is going on in the Supreme Court, the Karnataka High Court has given a decision in favor of the BJP government in this matter. All these three matters are very sensitive. When Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was asked about this, he avoided giving any answer. Siddaramaiah did say that he has asked the police officers of the state to stop moral policing and saffronisation. Priyank Kharge, a minister in the Karnataka government, did not say anything clearly about the removal of the ban on hijab, but definitely said that any such decision which leads to moral policing, all such decisions will be reconsidered. Priyank Kharge said that action will be taken against those who violate the law, even if it is RSS. Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar was also asked the same question. Shivkumar said that he will not say anything on this now, because it is a matter of policy. There will be a discussion within the party on this and only after that a decision will be taken. By the way, the Karnataka government is currently more concerned about how to implement the five guarantees. The public feels that as soon as the government is formed, all that was promised during the elections should be implemented, but this is not practical. It is a good thing that both Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar are saying that the decisions of the government will be taken after due consideration. The government has just been formed, I think people should have some patience.

How daughters outperformed in civil service exams
This time again daughters have won the UPSC Civil Services Examination. This time there are four girls in the top five, who have got this success. The first name among these is that of Ishita Kishore, who is the daughter of Bihar, but her family lives in Greater Noida. Another name in the merit list is that of Garima Lohia, she is also from Bihar, and her family lives in Buxar. The third rank holder in merit, Uma Harathi hails from Hyderabad, Telangana, and the fourth rank holder is Smriti Mishra, who hails from Noida. All of them worked hard, studied hard, kept faith in themselves, after which they got this success, and now they are going to serve the country by becoming IAS officers, but everyone’s story is different, everyone’s background is different. Ishita Kishore is the daughter of an Airforce officer, her father Wing Commander Sanjay Kishore is no more in this world. After her father’s death, her mother took up a job in the Air Force, took care of the family, educated Ishita and made her capable. Ishita Kishore did her BA Honors in Economics from Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, also worked in a corporate job, but she didn’t feel like it, so she left the job and started preparing for the Civil Services Examination. Ishita Kishore did not get success in the first two attempts. Her prelims also did not come out in the first and second attempt, but Ishita did not give up, Ishita says that once she even felt that she had taken a wrong decision by leaving the corporate job, but then she decided that she Will do what is thought. Ishita told that she learned from her mistakes, improved herself, and the result is in front of everyone today. It is a matter of pride to see the daughters of the country achieve great heights in the IAS examination. I met this year’s topper Ishita Kishore on Wednesday. Ishita’s thinking is clear, the art of communication with others is amazing. His spirit of serving the country is commendable. I told them that whenever I go to an award ceremony in a college or an institute, while giving awards, it is seen that 70 to 80 percent of the girls are standing in the queue to receive the award. The same spirit is seen again and again in the IAS exam. After listening to Ishita’s words, I felt that in our society, these records of success are a big deal considering the kind of challenges that daughters have to face all the time. ,Rajat Sharma,

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