Sofia Hayat Undergoes Major Cyst Removal Surgery, Flaunts Huge Scar On Belly

New Delhi: Actor and Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat had a health setback recently after she underwent a major operation to remove a cyst from her abdomen. Sofia, who is also a singer and a television personality, said that she was in excruciating pain, so much so that she was not even able to walk, sneeze and pee. The actor mentioned that she had had a 6cm cyst removed and the operation was quite intense.

Sofia shared a few photos of her after the surgery and flaunted a huge scar across her belly. She also mentioned that the surgery showed her who her real well-wishers were, adding that her own family did not stand by her side when she was struggling with her health. 

“I did a little shoot showing my scar. I am very proud of what I have gone through to get to this point where my energy has fully returned after the massive operation, where my Intestines were literally laid out on my tummy and a 7cm benign cyst was removed. The recovery is long, and I needed so much mental and Spiritual strength because my body was not allowing me to walk, pee, sneeze, get out of bed or carry anything. I have no family around me, so I had to look after myself. I was blessed to have my beautiful friends Lady Claudia and Yfke Sturm who showed up at the hospital and supported me.”

She went on to say that during the tough time, only her maids and neighbours took care of her.

“After 5 days in hospital, I had 3 weeks of being in bed. I was alone during this time as I have no family. Again i had neighbours who walked my dogs for me and helped me. Even my house keeper helped me when I went for a walk outside my house. After 10 metres my body started shaking and I could not walk anymore. Luckily I had my phone on me and called her. Another neighbour saw me and she helped my housekeeper get me home. This was truly humbling and psychologally very difficult. I have always been fit and strong, and now i could not walk. In troubling times and sickness, the true colours of people are revealed. I saw so much love but also saw those who were the fakes in my life. They were my own family. They have always been like that, so it’s no surprise. Recently, I gave certain members of my family help, money etc.. And then I receive nothing form them.”

Sofia also revealed that actor Udita Goswami, who acted in films like ‘Aksar’ and ‘Zeher’, offered to take care of her at her home.

In July last year, Sofia suffered a major health scare when she had to be hospitalised due to low body salt levels. The former actress, who bid adieu to showbiz to embrace spirituality in 2016, was observing a fast when her body salt dipped below the dangerously level. Reports stated that she was rushed to a hospital after she fainted. The actor reportedly had started shivering and felt dizzy while she was observing the fast. 

Sofia, who was in the UK then, was given five packets of salt and after that, she was revived. The fast was part of her spiritual practice and it was an unexpected turn of events that her health deteriorated. She has now been discharged from the hospital and is currently recovering.

Sofia Hayat has been a part of several shows including ‘ Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki’, ‘Bigg Boss’, ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’, ‘Aksar 2’ among others. 






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